Repairs, Improvements, Maintenance, Construction

Vince Stubbs Construction is a general carpentry and handyman company that is committed to quality work and customer satisfaction. From additions and renovations to minor repairs, we perform a wide range of services. We give free estimates and are always happy to discuss your options and expectations. With 20 years of experience in the Charlotte area, Vince Stubbs has developed a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy craftsman.

After we are first contacted we will schedule a meeting to review the work that needs to be done, discuss time frame, materials to be used, and any special considerations. For small jobs, an estimate can be given immediately. Otherwise, you will be contacted at a later time.

Tell us about your project!

Want to improve your home?

Every homeowner wants to maximize his/her home's comfort and beauty. Is your home living up to its potential? Could your house be doing more? What would you change about your house? Do you wish to let in more light, to improve your family's lifestyle, to improve the flow through the house, to have more living space, an extra bathroom, or to make it overall more beautiful? What about the backyard? A simple deck can serve as extra living space and enhance the enjoyment of your backyard. How about a fence for more privacy?

Regular maintenance saves you money

Your home is your biggest investment. Is your home losing money right now? Leaks won’t go away on their own; rot only gets worse. Regular maintenance is money well spent. Money well spent can also improve the overall value of your home. Any improvements made to increase the function of a home generally increase the value of the home.

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